How to Transition to Agile Story Points

In this article, I’ll cover how a newly formed Scrum team can transition from estimating in days to estimating in points and velocity. In Waterfall projects, the cost of development is estimated in days using the following formula so that the estimated cost of the project can be provided upfront to the business to justify the … Read more

Emergence of Agile

Agile software development methods emerged as an alternative to traditional software development in 2001 by a group of practitioners to address the shortcoming of traditional software development methods. Unlike traditional process driven methods, Agile emphasises on team relationship and role of people over institutionalised processes, contracts and detailed documentation encapsulated in Agile Manifesto: Individuals and … Read more

Midsize Companies Growth vs Scaling

Where a midsize company should focus? This article shade lights on how midsize companies should achieve growth. Most management writing focuses on startups or large companies, but if recent performance is any indicator, midcap companies are the place to be. U.S. organizations with $10 million$1 billion in revenue make up the fourth largest global economy in … Read more