Service Delivery Overview

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Our Agile Software Development Overview

We focus on delivering customer value using applying business-driven prioritization of features that meet your business objectives and goals. We use iterative and incremental agile delivery to create a stream of values for our customers to deliver the end product in small increments. We emphasize on face-to-face communication, collocation to promote shared project vision.

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Concept Phase

Working with you, we identify entry criteria to clearly define scope in terms of business outcomes ensuring your business requirement is clearly articulated. We work with all your key participants to ensure business benefits are summarised to Increased Revenue, Avoided Costs and Improved Services.

We then determine what is in scope, out of scope and what is unresolved delivering  the following outcomes to you:

  • Focusing Question
  • Business Benefits
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Objectives & scope
  • Success sliders
  • Project Management Structure
  • Stakeholder map

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Initiate Phase

At this phase, we refine and extend the Project Charter for your project and provide context for further story identification and estimation. We brainstorm solutions with you to achieve the project objective and deliver project benefits. We then review project developments Strategy and explore external dependencies and reflect in the Application Architecture.

We create a list of stories that need to be developed for the application to be delivered. We capture features in small (1-3 day) testable chunks that provide business value differentiating between Technical and Business. We assemble stories into logical groups for releases and finally decomposition of the first release into iterations. Entry criteria are your agreed set of prioritised and estimated stories.

We conduct a release planning session with you to prioritise releases ensure the first release is the smallest set of stories that can deliver value to your business.

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Deliver Phase

At this phase, we identify the agreed candidate stories to be delivered in the next iteration. We conduct iteration planning, specify test criteria, and at the end of each iteration, we review and update your solution design. At the end of each iteration, we fully test the design and system integration aspects of your software product.t.

At the end of each iteration, we will show case the work in progress product to get your input and avoid surprises. At our live show case, you have an opportunity to see the actual product being developed and make changes, review or add additional features.

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Deploy Phase

Once the software delivery development phase is completed we work with you to plan and agree the tasks required for the formal live release of your product to production. We document and approved implementation and cut over tasks and finalise implementation plan (include warranty phase) task list.