Scrum Breakfast: Scaling Scrum: SAFe, DAD, or LeSS?

Scrum has proven very effective at helping teams perform, even though it does not directly address the issues surrounding larger organizations and teams. An approach to scaling Scrum should not be inconsistent with Scrum itself.

Overall Summary

How likely am I to recommend these approaches?

  • Waterfall: 0
  • SAFe: 4
  • DAD: 7
  • LeSS: 9
Of these approaches, Waterfall has by far the best training infrastructure. Every year, Business Schools around the world churn out thousands of MBA’s who know how to manage by the numbers, but have never heard of Agile, much less thought about Agile forms of management.
SAFe comes in a close second. With its training academy, licensed trainers, and traditional management-friendly approach, it is clearly resonating well and is poised to do well in the market. (The reports I have gotten on the quality of the courses is strongly mixed. Some say horrible, others seem to be eating it up).
Will SAFe be enough of break with the waterfall to save their customers from being part of the 70% that won’t be in the Fortune 1000 ten years from now? Fundamentally it’s people separated by two or three layers of management from the real world setting direction for those who get it. Not promising.

On paper, DAD has come a long way since RUP. It’s values are more in sync with Agile than ever. Today, DAD has more trainers than SAFe, but hardly anyone has actually taken the course, so is it really resonating with the market? The other question I have is whether its practitioners have really left their RUP days behind them. Do they really believe their new-found values? However, given the choice between SAFe and DAD, I would clearly chose DAD, especially if your coaches really understand Agile and the values it represents.

LeSS is more two guys with a book at the moment (3 books,¬†actually). Their approach is sound, but there is no institutionalised marketing. While the Scrum Alliance currently lists 57 Certified Scrum Coaches, the “Black Belt” of the Scrum world, this is not strictly speaking a LeSS certification, nor are any LeSS courses or certifications being offered. On the other hand, that’s about where Scrum was 10 years ago. People reading books, and deciding to change. For my money, it’s time to start reading Larman and Vodde.