Leaders are ridiculously in charge

“As a leader you always going to get a combination of two things: What you create and what you allow. Because as a leader you are ridiculously in charge” Dr Henry Could.

“Welcome to the business edition, I’m talking to Mark, CEO of executive coaching about organisations culture. Mark in your experience how a culture is formed in an organisation.”

“Jane, it is not easy to answer how an organisation culture is formed but why it continue to exist has a simple answer. The answer is because the leaders allow it to exist.”

“Mark, how a new leader can change an organisation culture that existed before him?”

“When we talk about an organisation culture we need to understand the culture is a collection of individual behaviours within teams who report to a leader who in turn reports to a manager who in turn reports to an executive and so on. So the new leader has the power to change or shape the culture top down by clearly setting the boundaries for positive and negative behaviours.”

“We will back after a short break.”