Inspire, motivate and bring out the best in your people

“One of the most important responsibilities you have as a manager is to create an environment within which people feel happy, positive, secure and valuable.” Brian Tracy

“Our guest today is a motivational speaker John Hartley. John, you have been a motivational speaker for over twenty years, why have you shifted your focus to the Corporate world?”

“Jane, I’ve spent most of my career inspiring and motivating people of all walk of life and fundamentally my message is very simple. To be successful in our personal and professional life, we ought to create a positive environment for ourselves and our children.

Many of the people I talk to tell me, they have done their best to change their personal lives, but they are helpless when it comes to changing their working environment. They simply get affected by the negativity at their workplace, and this consumes their energy, and at the end of the day, they feel tired and drained.”

“John, you have touched on an area that according to recent study seems to be pandemic. Employers want more from their employees because they need to survive in a competitive and fragile economy.” Jane said.

“Creating a positive environment at work doesn’t mean we want to relax and sip coffee all day. It is the opposite. People that I talk to are telling me they love to take their best to work, they love to go extra miles to help their companies, they love to be innovative, but the problem they don’t feel their effort is appreciated and their effort is taken for granted. If they stayed extra hours or went over and above, their boss either finds a fault in their work or stay silent and expects them to do that all the time.” John said.

“John, this is a fascinating conversation, and I love to hear how great leaders can change this, but we need to take a short break.”